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The year has started off with a bang! NEDC is active in 100’s of projects across the US. The Partnership Kryton has hit new heights.

Dry Concrete is supplying 100’s of projects across the country. East Boston: Discover new luxury apartments in East Boston.

It doesn’t matter where you started. What matters is where you go from there. Let your heart be your compass, for it points east. A new horizon. Where discovery lies around every corner. It’s East Boston. But when you live at Portside at East Pier, you’ll just call it home.

This is an excerpt from the Portside at East Pier Website. These structures were integrally waterproofed with Kryton Material and poured without a traditional membrane. This is the second and third foundation with 3 years that Dry Concrete has supplied: Totaling 10,000 Cubic Yards of KIM integrally waterproofed concrete.