Dry Concrete Company


We are the largest distributor of Kryton® International's line of crystalline Products in the US.

Dry Concrete is a recognized leader in Cementitious Waterproofing and Masonry Restoration. We are the largest distributor of Kryton® International's line of crystalline Products in the US.

Dry Concrete has been the recipient of the International Concrete Repair Institute "Project of the Year".

Our Products and Systems have been awarded and recognized throughout the world as innovative and leading technologies receiving such recognition as World of Concrete "Most Innovative Product" and Concrete Construction Magazine's "Most Innovative Trend." Our Materials and Methods have been used in some of the most exacting environments the world over and featured on national programs such as "This Old House". Our materials are available at many masonry supply yards or by visiting Homedepot.com or for resale distribution you can inquire directly to us at 646 404 7272.

Additionally, we counsel and train leading engineering, architectural and design-build firms on the latest means and methods of waterproofing. Clients understand our straightforward approach to waterproofing and masonry restoration and our ability to identify and mitigate risk.

Dry Concrete also specializes in repairs offering a full range of Kryton & Tremco repair materials and methodologies for tanks, parking garages, foundations and all water-challenged concrete infrastructure.

Dry Concrete, Kryton™ International and Tremco™ are leaders in innovative waterproofing technology and methods.

The American Concrete Institute classifies our integral crystalline admixture (KIM) as the highest form of permeability reducing admixture as per ACI 212 Chapter 15. Proven and tested superior to Xypex, Hycrete, BASF Rheomac, Aquafin, Penetron, Barrier-1 and other attempts at waterproofing and vapor retardation.

Kryton® products can contribute to achieving valuable leed points for your building. Learn More.


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification measures a building's environmental performance. It is one of the most widely used project rating systems for new construction and major renovations. The program is regulated by the US Green Building Council. Kryton's solutions can contribute to achieving valuable LEED points for your building.


SS Credit Site Development: Protect or Restore Habitat (Up to 2 points)

To conserve existing natural areas and restore damaged areas to provide habitat and promote biodiversity. Kryton can help reduce site disturbance. Less excavation is required because Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) waterproofing admixture is added directly to the concrete mix. No additional excavation to accommodate the applicators of surface-applied waterproofing membranes.

SS Credit: Heat Island Reduction (Up to 2 points)

To minimize effects on microclimates as well as human and wildlife habitats by reducing heat islands. Heat island mitigation strategies include adding exterior trees and vegetation as well as green roofs. Kryton can help to waterproof green roofs and suspended slabs.

SS Credit: Rainwater Management (up to 3 points)

To reduce runoff volume and improve water quality by replicating the natural hydrology and water balance of the site. This will be based on historical conditions and undeveloped ecosystems in the region. Kryton's KIM is commonly used to waterproof concrete storm water runoff cisterns. This Low Impact Development (LID) technique collects water for future use, resulting in both water conservation and reduction of water utility costs.


MR Credit: Building Life Cycle Impact Reduction (Up to 6 points)

To encourage adaptive reuse and optimize the environmental performance of products and materials. Kryton's products can repair concrete as part of a renovation. They increase both the durability and service life of the concrete structure.

MR Credit: Construction and Demolition Waste Management (Up to 2 points)

Intent: To reduce construction and demolition waste in landfills and incineration facilities by recovering, reusing and recycling materials. KIM's pulpable paper bags can be added to the concrete plant mixer or truck unopened, eliminating all packaging waste. Concrete with KIM in it can be recycled after demolition. Concrete with surface-applied membranes cannot be recycled after demolition.


EQ Credit: Low-Emitting Materials (Up to 3 points)

To reduce concentrations of chemical contaminants that can damage air quality, human health, productivity, and the environment

Kryton's Concrete Waterproofing contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC) and can replace VOC emitting paints, sealers and membranes. KIM's pulpable bags are added to the concrete plant mixer or truck unopened, eliminating all dust as compared to other dry admixtures.

EQ Credit: Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan (Up to 1 point)

To promote the well-being of construction workers and building occupants by minimizing indoor air quality problems associated with construction and renovation.

Kryton's Krystol Technology products such as KIM and Krystol Tl Concrete Waterproofing can replace VOC materials and they do not expose workers to VOCs.

EQ Credit: Indoor Air Quality Assessment (Up to 2 points)

To establish better indoor air quality in the building after construction and during occupancy. Kryton's Krystol Technology products such as KIM and Krystol Tl Concrete Waterproofing are VOC-free and can help meet air quality test requirements.


Kryton waterproofing solutions such as KIM can contribute to the Innovation category credits (up to 5 points). KIM frees designers from the design constraints of using a surface-applied membrane. Thus, Kryton solutions can contribute to innovation credits as part of a broader innovative design approach.

Our Clients

Dry Concrete serves a myriad of clients throughout New England and the NY Tri-State Area. Listed here is a partial list of clients, specifiers and resellers. Our material is available through most Ready Mix Suppliers in the region.

  • A
  • A.D.B.S.
  • ABR GC
  • ACME Waterproofing
  • Adow Pools
  • Aggregate Industries
  • Aiudi Concrete Inc
  • Amoskeag Beverages
  • Atkinson
  • B
  • Bank Of America
  • Basement Solutions Hudson Valley
  • Bay Cove Human Services
  • Bedford Iron Works
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • Biogen-Idec
  • BOA Riverhead
  • Boston College
  • Bouley Construction
  • Brenner Builders
  • Brewster Transit Mix
  • BSI Builders Systems Inc
  • Bufftree Building
  • Builders Concrete East, LLC
  • Building and Land Technology
  • BWK Construction
  • C
  • Camsan Inc
  • Cape Cod Ready Mix
  • Cardi Corporation
  • Carroll Concrete
  • CBI Consulting
  • Chevron Corporation
  • Chicopee Concrete
  • Childrens Hospital of Boston
  • City of Craston, RI
  • City Of Derby WPCA
  • City of Framingham, MA
  • City of Middletown, CT
  • City of Nashua, NH
  • City of New Hartford
  • City Of New Haven
  • City OF NY
  • City of Shelton, CT
  • Colantonio General Contracting
  • Commodore Construction Corp
  • Commonweath of MASS
  • Con Ed
  • Coneco Engineers
  • Conti Services
  • Contracting Specialists Inc
  • Country Caretaker
  • Custom Builders of Belmont Inc.
  • D
  • D V Morin Construction Co Inc
  • D&M Petroleum
  • Damo Construction
  • DeRita Construction
  • DeRita Construction:Killingworth, Town of
  • Desman Associates
  • Devine Brothers
  • Duffy Greenwich LLC
  • Dutchboy Waterproofing
  • E
  • East Coast Resurfacing
  • Equity Builders
  • European Masonry
  • F
  • Fieber Brothers
  • Fields Point WWTP
  • Five Star Building Corp.
  • Fontaine Brothers
  • Frias Concrete Inc
  • G
  • G & B Shellfish Farm
  • Giorgio Builders
  • Grace Church
  • Greco Building Co.
  • H
  • Heritage Restoration
  • Hillcrest Clearwater Tank
  • Horseneck Beach Service Building
  • I
  • Integral Waterproofing Corp
  • J
  • J G Maclellan Concrete Co
  • J J Mottes Co.
  • JM Environmental
  • K
  • Kerite Corporation
  • Kimberly Apartments
  • Kleco Realty Company
  • L
  • L&S Industries
  • Linden Ponds
  • Look Memorial Park
  • M
  • M&T Bank
  • Masonry Depot
  • M. O'Connor Contracting Inc
  • Maggiore Construction Inc
  • Malcom Building Co Inc
  • Marc Construction
  • Masonry Depot
  • McGuire Group
  • Mega Contracting Inc
  • Michael Bolla Designs
  • Mold Pro
  • Mountainscapers Landescaping
  • Mystic River Building Co.
  • N
  • New Hartford Treatment Plant
  • Nickerson General Contractors
  • NYC- Hughes Ave
  • O
  • O&G Industries, Inc
  • O&G Kleen Energy Project - IWTP
  • Old Castle Precast
  • Olin Irish Contracting
  • P
  • Palisades Construction
  • Paramount Stone Co.
  • Parisaeult Construction
  • Parrotta Management Co.
  • PCI Consutants
  • Pelham Country Homes
  • Persons Concrete
  • Pfizer Corporation
  • Pompa Construction
  • Positive Realty
  • PRM Concrete Corporation
  • R
  • R.J. Forbes Painting Inc
  • Rapko
  • Related Properties
  • Resource Cotrol Associates, Inc
  • Rhode Island Ready Mix
  • RI Hospital
  • Rick Pinto Swimming Pools, Inc
  • Roayl Mills Riverpoint
  • Ron Castellano Architects
  • Royal Mills Riverpoint
  • Rye Grille
  • S
  • S&H Construction
  • Salem State College
  • Salvucci Masonry
  • Sergio DiSimone Construction
  • Skanska
  • South Shore Gunite Pool & Spa
  • Southern NH Poured Concrete Const.
  • Spillane
  • Stamford Green
  • Starlight Builders
  • Steelstone Construction
  • Steven Haris Architects
  • Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse, Inc
  • Suzio York Hill
  • Suzio York Hill:Middlesex Hospital Parking Project
  • Sweeney + Conroy, Inc
  • T
  • Teamwork Contracting
  • The Car Store
  • The Fieber Group
  • The Pines
  • Thomas Construction Inc
  • Tomonto Industries
  • Town of Westerly
  • Turner Construction
  • Tresca Brothers Sand & Gravel
  • Tri-Star Building Corporation
  • Trumbull, CT HS
  • U
  • UMASS - Steam Tunnel
  • UMASS-Africa House
  • UMASS-Holdsworth
  • Universal Readymix Inc
  • V
  • Valeo Pillar
  • Venture Construction
  • Victory Consulting Group
  • W
  • Washington Mills
  • Weber & Associates
  • Westchester Community College
  • Whigville Dam
  • Worcester State College
  • Worth Construction Co. Inc.
  • Y
  • Yale Bowl

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