Type-E Krystol Mortar

Type E Additive

Efflorescence / Leach Reducer Waterproofing Additive

Contains Proven Crystalline Technology

A proprietary blend guaranteed* to reduce the primary and secondary phases of leaching of lime / Salt (calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2 ) from cement and mortars and reduce the transmission of water.

Thoroughly mix contents of this bag for each (1) standard bag of cement (94lbs.) before adding water. Type E is also available in bulk form.


How It Works

Type-E is a powered chemical admixture formulated to provide long-term protection for pointing, stucco and setting of all masonry.

Type-E improves workability and strength while providing waterproofing and reduction of efflorescence.

Type-E reacts with cement particles to form millions of microscopic needlelike crystals reducing permeability and absorption by filling the naturally occurring pores and voids in cementitious mixes and self-seals minor cracks.

Type-E will reduce shrinkage cracking in all mortars and stuccos sealing the pathways for efflorescence to occur.

Product Benefits

  • Cement, Mortar & Stucco Additive
  • Acts as an efflorescence / leach reducer, fortifier and waterproofing additive.
  • Reduces Water Permeability
  • Reduces Absorption
  • Resists Weathering
  • Improves Workability
  • Reduces Shrinkage & Cracking
  • Self-Heals Hairline Cracks
  • Active for the Life of the Structure
  • Resists Waterborne Chemicals


Type-e is a hydrophilic crystalline admixture used to provide long-term protection of masonry mortars, setting beds, stucco and and concrete masonry units against water and waterborne contaminants by reducing permeability and absorption of the mortar.

Type-e will reduce leaching and efflorescence, fortify and help prevent shrinkage cracking in mortars, pointing and stucco

Type-e provides superior waterproofing performance that lowers building maintenance and repair costs.

  • Setting and pointing or re-pointing of all masonry (including, but not limited to Brick, CMU, natural and cultured stone, Bluestone and other flatwork, terra cotta, etc.)
  • Stucco, rendering and plastering mortar over concrete masonry walls or other prepared substrates
  • Use in stucco over masonry for negative and positive-side waterproofing
  • Concrete masonry units for in-fill and setting

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