Krystol Hydrostop Restore and Protect System

Restore and Protect System

Hydrostop Restore & Protect System greatly extends the useful life of aging concrete.

Hydrostop™ Grout  is a non-shrink waterproof grout that contains Krystol® technology and is used to repair cracks and defects at the concrete surface.

Hydrostop™ Coating a 2-part polymerized cementitious topping mortar provides a strong and durable barrier against water intrusion.

How It Works

Hydrostop™ Grout
The active ingredients in Hydrostop Grout combine chemically with water and concrete to form millions of needle-shaped crystals that grow in all directions to fill any capillary pores or cracks that might otherwise allow water to pass.

Hydrostop™ Coating
The 2-part product is mixed to a slurry and applied to the concrete surface. The new surface provides a durable barrier against water and chemical intrusion. The specialized blend of cementitious materials and polymer provide an even colour and smoothness, and offer superior aging quality when exposed to UV radiation.

Product Benefits

Hydrostop™ Grout
  • Extends the lifespan of aging concrete infrastructure and buildings as part of the Hydrostop Restore & Protect System
  • Contains proven Krystol waterproofing technology
  • Protects reinforcing steel against corrosion
  • Experiences high early strength and good bonding ability
  • Does not show through Hydrostop Coating
Hydrostop™ Coating
  • Extends the lifespan of aging concrete infrastructure and buildings as part of the Hydrostop Restore & Protect System
  • Improves aesthetics by providing more even color and smoothness to the concrete surface
  • Provides superior aging quality when exposed to UV radiation versus liquid coatings
  • Resists thermal cycling and provides a resilient surface
  • Protects reinforcing steel against corrosion
  • Waterproofs minor cracking
  • Provides excellent resistance to waterborne chemicals such as sulfates, chlorides, and acids
  • Can be painted after curing
  • Can be applied to damp concrete
  • Can be tinted using coloured pigments for concrete


Whenever waterproof crystalline masonry is needed

Use Hydrostop™ Grout & Hydrostop&trade Coating to fix any defects in the substrate, such as honeycombing, cracks, or holes and follow with one coat each of Hydrostop Coating and Hydrostop Sealer to

  • Extend the lifespan of aging concrete infrastructure such as hydroelectric facilities and transportation structures
  • Restore and protect aging concrete buildings such as churches, mosques, and any other concrete or mortar rendered finish

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