Krystol Hydropel Liquid Cement Sealer

Hydropel™ Sealer

A state-of-the-art water-repellent sealer specifically designed for concrete, brick and masonry.

Hydropel™ is a state-of-the-art water-repellent sealer specifically designed for concrete, brick and masonry. It lasts up to five times longer than conventional sealers. It is easy to apply, fast drying and has a low odor. Hydropel™ MS can be applied in cold or damp conditions.


How It Works

Hydropel™ (Formerly Krystol Hydrosto™) contains a unique blend of silane and siloxane compounds. These compounds react chemically with silicates below the surface of the substrate. This reaction forms an insoluble, water-repellent barrier within the surface that cannot wear away, fade, yellow, crack or peel. The finished application is virtually invisible, leaving the surface with its original appearance and breathability.

Product Benefits

  • Excellent water repellency keeps water out of your structure
  • Complete breathability means Hydrostop MS will not contribute to condensation problems
  • Works as a chloride screen to protect against salt attack from de-icing salts, sea water, etc
  • Helps to protect reinforcing steel from corrosion
  • Resists acid rain and other chemicals
  • Helps to prevent freeze or thaw damage
  • Resists mildew and moss formation
  • Resists rust stains and efflorescence
  • Requires no special tools to apply
  • Does not change the appearance of the surface
  • Is cost effective and outlasts other sealers


Hydropel™ is recommended for use on bridge decks and supports, parking structures, concrete, block or brick walls and chimneys. It can also be used on driveways, sidewalks, patios, balconies, steps, marine floats, asbestos cement and many more places.

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