Crystalline Surface Applied Waterproofing T1

Krystol® T1 and T2

Surface-Applied Concrete Waterproofing
Surface-Applied Concrete Waterproofing with Krystol® T1 and T2

Recently built structures and heritage buildings need water protection too! Whether you're waterproofing a new structure or repairing leaks, Krystol's concrete waterproofing treatments allow you to turn existing concrete into a waterproof barrier reliably and cost-effectively. The result is permanently waterproof concrete — even against strong hydrostatic pressure.

How It Works

Krystol T1/T2 is a simple, two-step cementitious slurry system that is brush-applied to existing concrete structures. After application, chemicals from Krystol T1/T2 are absorbed into the concrete through capillary action (the natural wicking movement of liquids through a porous structure) and diffusion (the natural movement of chemical molecules.) Since the majority of active crystalline chemicals migrate into the concrete within the first 28 days, the surface-applied slurry can be completely removed from the surface after this time with no impact to its waterproofing properties.

Whenever waterproof crystalline masonry is needed

Krystol T1/T2 is warranted for use in place of conventional waterproofing systems. It can be used in recently poured or decades old concrete. Some of it's recommended uses are in concrete foundations and walls, elevated slabs and ramps, parking structures, water towers and bridge decks.

Product Benefits

In-depth waterproofing abilities
  • System becomes an integral part of the concrete
  • Impermeability lasts as long as the concrete
  • Impermeability is not affected by surface wear or abrasion
  • Protects reinforcing steel from corrosion
  • Protects against waterborne contaminants
  • Stops ingress of water required for reaction of AAR/ASR
  • Completely eliminates the need for costly, surface applied membranes
Efficient application method
  • Can be applied to wet concrete
  • Can be used for new or existing concrete
  • Can be applied to positive or negative side of concrete
  • Does not require re-application
  • Not subject to stringent workmanship requirements of membrane applications at details and joints
  • Compatible with water-based glues and surface coatings
Withstands high hydrostatic pressure
  • Ideal for below grade applications, reservoirs and pipelines
  • Stops moisture from coming up through concrete to debond floor materials, coatings and tiles
  • Stops water from penetrating concrete in extreme applications
  • Protects against waterborne ground contaminants
High-growth organic technology
  • Zero VOC
  • Does not contain stearates, sodiums or silicates
  • Not a surface densification product
  • Not a hydrophobic product
  • NSF approved for contact with potable water
Will grow Krystols years after initial application
  • Will re-activate in the presence of moisture
  • Self-heals micro-cracking that may occur and stops water ingress that may occur from subsequent damage to the structure
  • Continually improves with time


Krystol T1 is used in both recently poured or decades old concrete. It is the ideal surface applied waterproofing system for foundations & walls, elevated slabs & ramps, parking structures, water towers & bridge decks.

  • Foundations Walls
  • Elevated slabs and ramps
  • Parking structures
  • Water towers
  • Bridge decks
  • Tanks

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