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Distributor of Integral Crystalline Waterproofing. Expert Waterproofing and Construction Consultants.


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    A Kryton International Distribution Partner

    Dry Concrete is a Kryton Product Distributor
    Dry Concrete is a Tremco Product Distributor
    Product Resources & Services
    • Dry Concrete Resources for Professionals Professionals

      Offering information and support to Architects, Engineers, Suppliers, Builders and Tradesmen.

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    • Dry Concrete Education Education

      Offering consulting services and educational seminars for architects, engineers and other professionals.

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    • Dry Concrete Homeowner Cement Waterproofing Homeowners / DIY

      Offering support and easy instruction to the Do-it-Yourselfer for residential waterproofing.

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    • Dry Concrete Water Tank Repair Services and More Services

      Tank Repair, Parking Structures, Detection & Leak Repair, Consultation.

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