Concrete Maintenance Services


Offering reliable solutions at reasonable costs.

Dry Concrete through its wholly owned affiliates provide repairs on all water-challenged concrete infrastructure. We have the expertise to remedy any leaking or compromised concrete condition. Whether it be a 10 million-gallon concrete potable water tank, sewage treatment plant, a small holding tank, a parking structure, tunnel, deep foundation or an electrical vault, we have proven materials and methods to detect and stop leaks from the negative or positive side of the hydrostatic pressure. We employ a variety of crystalline and other advanced applications from our manufacturer partners for crack, joint and leak repairs as well as other concrete defects such a spalling. This is our specialty: offering our clients a reliable solution at reasonable costs.

Please give us a call to discuss your project.

Dry concrete also consults on the same. We can provide project management, oversight or a written analysis or opinion.

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